Don’t have time for link building?
No problem.

Focus on your business, we will watch your backlinks and offer steps to increase their efficiency!

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Get New Inbound Links

With SEOPIO you can find new ways of getting inbound links by

  • Analyzing the efficacy of existing links to your website
  • Monitoring inbound links to competitors' websites

Keep Record of Existing Inbound Links

SEOPIO is a handy tool when it comes to keeping a record of existing inbound links

  • It works only with links you're interested in
  • Search and multiple filters allow to make different selections
  • Tags allow to break links into groups
  • Ability to record links' history in their comment section

Link Status Monitoring

Don't worry about your inbound links. SEOPIO will monitor their statuses and notify you if something happens

  • Links status is checked every day
  • Traffic and convertibility of each link is analyzed
  • Links created with JavaScript (like Google does) are supported
  • You will be notified in case of important changes


SEOPIO features link building collaboration which is really convenient when you have several staff members building links or when you provide link building services to several clients.

You can invite other person either as an administrator to have the same rights as you, or as an editor to see only backlinks he or she created.

Exhaustive Reports

To help you make the right decision in your link building strategy, SEOPIO provides several visual reports like

  • Links Quality in terms of increasing site's SEO-authority
  • Links Efficacy in terms of traffic and reaching goals
  • Click-through rate change dynamics


To make the service available even for small companies we stick to the Pay-As-You-Go principle

  • We do not impose subscription plans: You pay for what you use
  • We do not store your credit card details: You put money into your account as necessary
  • If you wish to discontinue paying for our service You can get your data back
  • To provide even more flexibility, we charge per day
  • New clients get $5 for service evaluation

$0.30 / website / day

$0.10 / competitor / day

$0.05 / 100 links* / day

* per each full or not full set of 100 tracked backlinks